adventures of a belly dancing acupuncturist

This started as a travelogue to Turkey in the fall '05 so that I wouldn't have to send multiple emails and postcards. I'm still adding anecdotes as I remember them, but it's morphing into a "rant to the ether" spot. Stay, or go. This is my bit of space to do with what I wish.

Friday, June 30, 2006

Have new computer will post

And pin free. I like this, being able to use my right hand near fully.

Argentina-Germany match; the land the nazis fled to vs. the nazis, as my sister just pointed out. Yes, stereotypes, but true.

Now I have no excuse to make this better and join in the fun over at It's overdue.

Monday, June 19, 2006


12 hours and I'm pin free. Finally. And just in time to meet some folks for whom I will be auditioning for a summer belly dance gig. A non-restaurant gig that is just my style. Thank the goddess for the Westword Music Showcase and the delay it caused.

And a big sloppy wet kiss to the Lucky Mojo folk and all of the fun washes, crystals, incenses and powders they make. I feel the difference already.

Lastly - Real Worlders, stick to Lodo and leave the rest of Denver to those of us who live here. Twice in 4 days is 2 times too many.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Denver Health lies

it seems that I am far from the only one to go to the patient advocate's office to complain about false scheduling at the DH specialty clinics, or rather changing my appointment by 5 days and then accusing me of being wrong about the date. I should've taken their print out of the appointment time rather than just write it into my book.

lesson learned - call to confirm appointments at DH. and get their printouts of scheduling confirmation. that way you can prove they are wrong and not be left with 5 more days of a steel pin starting up an infection in your hand.

you can see what I thought was my last hurrah with the cast at I finally got to experience the wonders of Lynette's stick figure drawing in real time, and we got to yell at vapid Real Worlders to boot!

Friday, June 02, 2006

still one handed

stomach bugs that linger, not in an active way, but a passive, mildly nauseating way (for 1/2 my trip back east) makes for a truly effective weight loss program. also very inexpensive.

all casted up and out of town I seem to have missed some major Owens last gasp masturbatory efforts. I'm no lame duck, see how many wonderful and beneficial democratic sponsored bills I can veto! I hope he's proud of himself. not like his kids (ALL of his kids) will be affected as they no doubt are all in private schools and I'm sure he can afford health insurance. I thank the crew at soapblox for keeping me up to date and being erudite where I am far less articulate and emotional.

all of my favorite 80s jangle guitar bands have myspace pages! I walked into my friend Mike's record store in the village and he immediately asked if I had one so as to get me added to the Winter Hours page! I put my dying 8 year old computer into a short term coma yesterday jumping around pages for Big Dipper, Dreams So Real, the Tall Dwarfs . . . are 30 and 40 somethings even allowed there if not in a current hip band? are we over the hipster age limit?

when back to 2 hands . . . folk tours! Tayyar and Artemis! and me being way down at the low end of the talent spectrum. it never ceases to amaze me how easily accessible the greats in this genre of music and dance are, a level of access not to be found in any other genre.