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This started as a travelogue to Turkey in the fall '05 so that I wouldn't have to send multiple emails and postcards. I'm still adding anecdotes as I remember them, but it's morphing into a "rant to the ether" spot. Stay, or go. This is my bit of space to do with what I wish.

Monday, November 03, 2008

Which reality?

Just hours before it all begins, the fog is finally starting to lift.

It is hard to put into words, but ever since August 29th I've felt we moved out of reality into an alternate time line. Sarah Palin was not the original pick, but it feels as if someone else was picked, the campaign season progressed and the ticket lost and now we're in a weird and warped reality do-over. It sounds crazy, but everyone I speak with feels as if this fall was just not right, time felt wrong, everything just seemed off - it has been very hard to articulate.

And just in the last few days it's cleared up. Could it be the Saturn/Uranus opposition that goes into full effect on the 5th? Is it just election season winding up to its final frenzy and conclusion?

Whatever it is, it's a relief.


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