adventures of a belly dancing acupuncturist

This started as a travelogue to Turkey in the fall '05 so that I wouldn't have to send multiple emails and postcards. I'm still adding anecdotes as I remember them, but it's morphing into a "rant to the ether" spot. Stay, or go. This is my bit of space to do with what I wish.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Caucus, a review

Kinda dull. But that's real life, the nuts and bolts of it.

Unlike most of the Coloradoans reporting to and, HD5 did not actually vote on any resolutions as a unified district. Some precincts did, but for the most part we filled out cards with various resolutions which will be presented at the county assembly on April 8th. We should have good support for resolutions to get the hell out of Iraq and for attorney general involvement with the Coors family funded robocalls in contested house district races. Gee, the Coors family involved in lying and abjectly unethical partisan politics, who'd a thunk it.

And Angel just called during the intermission from the superstars show. Seems I would've spent the night so far in snark/hater mode. That's $38 I didn't spend on something I wouldn't have liked. That's good. Maybe one day it'll actually make an impact outside of delusional belly dance newbies who after less than 2 years of lessons think they're good enough to audition and get in. Without being under 25 and having a Barbie doll body. Ha.

I'll take the other side of it; Suhaila, my friend Jim Boz, the Dahlin sisters, some (not all) of the west coast tribal style gals (please teach the Coloradoans into the tribal scene that it's ok to not imitate you, I'm getting bored watching them do what I used to see in Portland 10 years ago), Anahid and the other great NYC dancers I catch at Figaro and Maia Mehane on visits to the family, the senior dancers here . . . for the past year Eva Cernik has had the unique ability to dance differently in every one of the 20 some odd performances of hers that I've been able to see (not counting the 3 weeks I was with her in Turkey), even with music and costume repititions. Who needs generic choreography, I want art in the moment and soul inspiration. And to find that in the political realm as well, should it exist beyond the great Mike Miles.

Back to the Countdown repeat.

belly dancing over to the caucus

It surprises me that it's not as hard to be involved in the party apparatus as I used to think. When I was quite young my parents were involved in the local party goings on, we even have a home movie from the early 70s with our then congressman, Ed Koch, visiting our Yorkville block for a clean up something or other and my parents got invites for cocktail parties and prefered viewing spots for July 4th fireworks throughout his mayorship.

As precinct captain, which I am only cause I was the only one who stepped up last year, I've already been contacted by a candidate for my state senate primary to ask for my support and if so, will I be willing to be listed on her site (which I am, I like Jennifer Mello for the democratic nomination for SD 32 and if my opinion counts, take it). How did I get to this point? It's not like I've done anything as precinct captain (we can blame my downtime this fall as well as hopefully now replaced district captains for that). And they've certainly not notified me of any of the meetings in the last 6 months. I got the card informing me of the meeting to pick new district leadership the DAY AFTER THE MEETING. The only House 5B business I knew about in advance, and quite a long time in advance I may add, is that I was to volunteer directing traffic into the parking lot at North High tonight. Well fuck that. I am going to be spending a few hours with one of my dearest friends for the first time since last summer. Freshly driven down from Aspen, Angel is in the first of the 2 workshops put on by the Belly Dance Superstars, and then we're tooling around to the Chinese herb shops down on S. Federal and for some pho until I need to leave her at the show and go up to be a surly bitch to the rest of the 5B folk.

And I'm passing on the Superstars show, not cause of the caucuses per se, but cause I am not a fan of Jilina's choreography, some of the dancers on the tour and Miles Copeland's inability to actually promote the world of bellydancing as opposed to coasting on his decades old success in rock. Which I know about quite well as my parents did his intellectual property work for over 25 years and I was comped to the last show 2 years ago by the same guy who gave me and my sisters tickets for various bands in the early 80s. I have lots more to rant here, but I need to clean the snow off my car and meet Angel in 20 minutes.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

those pontificating repugs . . .

We have an adulterous governor who bankrupted the educational system here in Colorado praising this Sean Allen kid (who I'm worried will not grow intellectually but harden as a result of his parents and their friends setting him up to take down Jay Bennish). We have lying, armed service evading (but wearing uniforms), flagrent law breaking republican congressmen (and woman) lobbing false charges back in order to deflect their shameful and disgraceful behavior.

Who votes for these people? Who can listen to them without wanting to bang one's head against a wall?

but I found a great blog piece this am. I have no idea how to link, so I've copied down the whole damn URL for you folks.


may all our allies have the chutzpah to speak like Obama and Feingold.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

pic spam!!!

wishful thinking.

I finally download some of the the photos Lori and Charlie posted, and now this lovely blog program won't let me upload them. phooey.

help please?


Ronnie has a whole bunch of great stuff at All American Vogue (18 S. B'way).

All of my friends with small children can expect to receive a tshirt that says 'I wish my president was smarter than me' over the next few months. And you can find me around town by my new bumper sticker that reads 'No, you can't have my rights. I'm still using them.'

Go give him some business.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

doin' the happy dance

lots of things making me do it. wanna know what? sure you do, that's why you're reading.

1) It's about 70 degrees out there today. And it will be tomorrow too. And it has been really nice for about a week now. And if people stay willfully and blissfully ignorant February/March will be the new May.

2) My late mentor's PMS herb formula. Could be the reason I wasn't completely unbearable this past week.

3) Ken Gordon, my favorite state senator, is a man of principle. He stood up to a fellow member of the state senate who compromised herself in a monetary ethics manner and called her out on it (a senator who greatly benefitted from his '04 This Matters campaign efforts). Best of all, he's running for Secretary of State. Ken - when are the bumper stickers going to be ready?

4) I may not be busy, but my practice is gradually increasing. And some of my new clients are enthusiastically referring me to others.

5) I may not have to sell the Egyptian Cabaret costume my parents bought for me while there 10 years ago that never fit. It seems that there is a gal here who can take A cup sized bras and make them fit us voluptuous dancers.

6) My friends from NYC played the best show I've ever seen them do (tho I've only seen them play about 5 or 6 times over the past 10 years), prior bands included. And they had a full house watching them. Not to mention great openers (Inara George has just about the sweetest stage demeanor I've ever seen).

7) Adding to Tiffany's success last weekend, she sold a bunch of stuff in her gallery this past Friday night. I genuinely enjoy seeing my friends do well and shine in their creativity.

8) The Coloradoans who write at I've been encouraged to join in, but I'm not well informed enough, I'll be the cheerleader.

9) Morgan Carroll at the next Drinking Liberally this coming Wednesday. Come and hear her speak and you'll know why.

10) Magnets of the Fridge may be ending in May after 5 seasons, but a new serial will be coming up in its place. This time around I'll be watching from the beginning, not from season 3 on.

Time to stop typing and continue flailing about . . . .

Thursday, March 02, 2006

cigarette smoke

I smell like it. Oh well.

But I didn't cower in the corner suffering from stimulation overload and wind invasion. Tho I did most likely drive my friend a bit crazy with my hyper-joy to see him. Lots of fast talking and subject jumping, which happens when you see someone every 2 1/2 years.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

the prosaic and the sacred

It's always easier to write a post in my mind than to actually type it, so in my mind this blog is filled with all sorts of entries that most likely are interesting only to me. As I've not typed them you don't have to be bored by them.

This weekend I helped 2 friends vend their eclectic creations (primarily handmade leather masks, along with some jewelry and unique fashions) at the Sex and So Much More show at the Denver Convention Center. Of the vendors and preformers (not to mention the porn stars doing autograph signings) I would rate the convention at 90% prosaic, 10% poetry (if that much). The atmosphere wasn't helped by the stark, cavernous space and the bloodshot eye inducing overhead lights. The proliferation of so many sex toy vendors, private strip club promoters and women dressed as Jerry Springer show audience members made it all seem so very unsexy and so very dull. In a week that had 2 states a governor's signature away from a near all out abortion ban, the event was decidely clinical but at least there was a great emphasis on safe sex and condom use. The most pronounced juxtaposition for me is getting a call from a couple, now new clients, who want my assistance as they prepare for artificial insemination.

Whereas my focus for studying is wandering with the stirring up of the wind (which is driving me near batty today), putting myself in situations like the sex show shores up my resolve to move into more of a foward thinking modality - the Integral modalities propogated by Ken Wilber and his group. Although whether it truly is in my heart or in my little wanting to be superior academic head (emphasis on the wanting and less on the achieving) will be seen on if I can put more action to my words.

The wind is seriously messing me up today. Kuddos to all who can stand it. I'll be the one hiding in the corner at the Bluebird tonight trying not to be a major bitch while seeing old friends from back east and praying that the smoking ban gets back on track so I can not smell like an ashtray after a night out. The air is thin enough up here people, your smoking only makes it worse.

First Friday musts; visit Ronnie and All American Vogue for the 10th anniversary party turned Bill Winter for Congress fundraiser, then head over to Santa Fe Drive and include ArtsMyths at 802 Santa Fe, studio #1 on the second floor.