adventures of a belly dancing acupuncturist

This started as a travelogue to Turkey in the fall '05 so that I wouldn't have to send multiple emails and postcards. I'm still adding anecdotes as I remember them, but it's morphing into a "rant to the ether" spot. Stay, or go. This is my bit of space to do with what I wish.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Denver Open Acupunture

is up and running up on 22nd avenue. yay me.

I opened a clinic with a tax refund and what was left of my will. I told myself in January that I would be open by May 15th and have an opening on the 20th. it doesn't matter than I didn't have much of a turnout - I did it. and I am still dead tired. and I have clients grabbing handfulls of cards to distribute, yay enthusiastic clients.

and I am giddily tired.

24 hours from now I'll be belly dancer belly up to the bar at Mezcal or Thin Man with the one and only Jim Boz. and on Saturday I will finally debut the replaced Misar Butiq costume in the Shimmy for the Cure show. all this excitement, all this beading and girly stuff. no lethargic indie rock for me this weekend.

So a post perfectly fitting my title; the acupuncturist, the belly dancer spinning around like a top and ready to drop once the second week of June starts.

Thursday, May 03, 2007

diseases in the news

squirrels in City Park have the plague. Lovely, considering I was there for a friend's in the park pot luck wedding reception there just a few weeks ago.