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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Help! My city has been hijacked!

Which is how I felt last night when I read thru a section of the Denver Post last night waiting for friends to come and meet up. As I said yesterday, I am fine with conventioneers and crowds. It are those from elsewhere who making exclusivity for others not from here who I would like to send back to where they came from.

Most of what I saw were the comings and goings from Lola's, union party during the day and the prep for the DNC finance committee at night as I was giving free acupuncture in the red and blue pointy domed tent across the street from it. The Sustainability Road Show wasn't swamped, but I was with the various road crew and local exhibitors taking turns receiving treatment and they worked me hard.

The crowds around the MSNBC tower are quite amusing, especially the 19 year old guy who got all excited as soon as he heard Keith's voice coming out of the speakers and the cottage industry of peddlers that has sprung up to feed off of it.

Only one party, too wrecked for even trying for more, but at least it was mellow and interesting. Reports coming to us at the DFA event made me glad that I turned around and didn't head to the event at the Martini Ranch, didn't need loud, bad hip hop to ruin what bit of voice I still had trying to yell over. Instead I heard from US Congress and Senate candidates who I could have babysitted for as a teenager given their ages. As I am almost 40 this is something I am going to have to start getting used to, candidates who seem like kids.

Healthcare United rally today 2-6pm, Sunken Gardens by 8th avenue and Speer blvd.


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