adventures of a belly dancing acupuncturist

This started as a travelogue to Turkey in the fall '05 so that I wouldn't have to send multiple emails and postcards. I'm still adding anecdotes as I remember them, but it's morphing into a "rant to the ether" spot. Stay, or go. This is my bit of space to do with what I wish.

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Blizzard of '06 almanc, part 1

The following is what I sent out to friends a week ago (with some minor alterations). No doubt there will be a part 2 to be posted either tomorrow night or Saturday.

So, as of late Thursday, December 21st;

Official snow tally, at the old airport location: 20.7 inches.

Rank: #8 on the dumpiest snow falls on record. #2 in terms of one day accumulation. Unofficially numbers go up to 24 inches in Denver proper, which would lift it up to #4 dumpiest blizzard.

Time to walk 6 long blocks to the supermarket Thursday noon, for the sake of getting out as I was already well stocked: 20-25 minutes, normally 10 at the most.

Number of times I lost my balance on the packed tire tracks provided by arrogant SUV drivers who think they can drive regardless of the safety of others because not every home owner or building manager thought it necessary to shovel their sidewalks: what, you expected me to keep count of that? I was too busy focusing on not falling!

Time to shovel out the back half of my car (the owners of the cars on each side of me cleared the area to the alley as they dug out before me): about an hour and 15 minutes.

Time it took to finish the next day: only about 20-25 minutes, and then I helped clear out the area behind another neighbor's car. I needed to negate the eating and not moving.

Degree to which I miss the neighbors who dug out my car in March 2003 after the nearly 32 inch blizzard (as a surprise no less): need I answer?

Idiocy of the NBA for waiting until less than 3 hours before tip off to cancel Wednesday night's game because of the blizzard raging outside with tropical storm strength winds: rhetorical question.

Clients who had to postpone til this week as even if they could've gotten here, where the hell would they have parked: all but the one who could walk over. The one down in Sedalia was snowed into her house by over a mile of unplowed road til the end of the weekend.

Clients who cancelled today: 1, as it went from so so at 2pm to downright sucky by 3:30 when she was due.

Hours my friend spent sitting on a stuck bus at the Broomfield bus station: 4, then she got a lift from the police to a Red Cross shelter on Sheridan where a friend picked her up and took her to his place. He then drove her home in his SUV the next day as the buses weren't running.

Biggest bummer of last week's storm: I was to belly dance on the roof of the Mercury Cafe as part of a ritual welcoming of the return of the sun and installation of 2 wind turbines and a bunch of solar panels.

Number of goings out that didn't happen: a bunch, last week's social calendar was much abreviated. Tonight's plans are already just about ready to be tossed as well. Money saved, and splurged already on some not cheap wine.

Number of times I've heard sirens the past week (I live 3 blocks from a fire station): more than I've ever heard here, more than I often hear visiting the family back in NYC. I'm assuming it's mostly idiot drivers and the fire engines that respond to car accidents.

More to come . . . .

Friday, December 15, 2006

the parasitical virus

it seems that the virus that is moving from a cold into bronchitis in large numbers is a virus without cell walls. it then proceeds to burrow deeper and deeper into the body much like a parasite, and is much harder to treat and get rid of. I have a few clients who can't seem to shake it. my sleep deprivation thanks to my trip back east caused my relapse which responded well, for the most part, to the Health Concers formulas I used (tho Isatis Gold does a number on us spleen qi xu types). what remains is itchy, irritated ears. according to one client whose been to the doctor, this virus can lead to blistering of the ear drum. lovely. hoping that Thieves oil blend directly in the ear (cinnamon oil does burn, use sparingly) will do the trick. especially as I get to dance on the roof of the Merc in a week to celebrate the solstice and the new wind turbines.

in laying low to prevent another relapse, I've discovered that I really don't like the early 40s film version of Little Women. but it still beats most of what is one tonight.