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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Denver residents S.O.L.

Plenty of goings on around town, and lots to see.

Like the much reduced traffic on East Colfax near where I live cause everyone is afraid to drive near downtown, or the operation rescue fundies and their whores for their own worst interests and their graffic imagery drawing police to break up their protest of some ticketed lectures on women's issues (directly across from the church where the Progressive Dems of America are hanging). And let's not forget the unwashed masses itching for confrontation. Now I know some of them, a couple of sorta friends, clients in the group, and while some just want to be heard, others were planning for some head on action when I left them around 5:30 yesterday evening. I am also of the agreement that the DPD is trigger happy given their actions in my nearly 10 years here.

Also found myself in front of the 16th street mall restaurant having the McCain party (memo to self - never eat at Earl's, the restaurant hosting it). Lots of sad looking bleach blondes with heavy makeup and perhaps some surgical enhancements in tight short black dresses leaning against the second floor railing, lots of healthy (save for the one fat ass who with the diminishing standards would still likely be able to enlist, he can get in shape during boot camp) looking guys, none of whom are in the armed services and my first (and likely last) 'another democrat for mccain' bumper sticker.

After watching the coverage at the Well's Fargo Theater (nice place, bad corporate name) thanks to a nice college gal from L.A., I met up with some friends at teh Big Tent for some comedy, a not so sober Daryl Hannah and party hopping. Lots of parties that are pretty damn tight at the door, the only one we got into (which was nice) was hosted by the Maryland Dems and we did get to gush all over the wonderful force that is Donna Edwards, soon to be congresswoman.

So, still no voice, kinda sick and pissed off at the celebs overwhelming this town keeping my friend from walking on the sidewalk in front of our favorite bar, Mezcal, which is 2 blocks from her house! I'll gladly keep most of the politicians, celebs like Jeffrey Wright who I didn't chase down to tell him how much I loved him in Angels on B'way some 17 years ago if we can boot most of the the others who have truly nothing to add to the discussion.

And The Daily Show. Haven't seen them around nor do I have tix, but they can stay. And they can stay past the convention too, we'll gladly keep them.

Off to stick people with needles at Hirschorn Park for a few hours (come down, free treatments from lots of people from 10-7), and tonight the Kuciniches are keeping it real at The Skylark tonight (where Denver DL has it's 3 year anniversary tomorrow).


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